7 Unforgettable Moments in Alan Walker’s Music Journey with NCS

Exploring Alan Walker: The Musical Prodigy who Revolutionized NCS

When you hear the name Alan Walker, you are instantly reminded of his unparalleled contributions to the electronic music industry. His association with NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) has been a defining moment in his career, transforming the landscape of royalty-free music. The legacy of Walker’s collaboration with NCS continues to guide and inspire budding artists and music lovers worldwide.

Walker’s Entry into the World of Music: A Story of Passion and Talent

Born in Northampton, England, the British-Norwegian artist, Alan Walker, initially ventured into the music realm as a young boy with an extraordinary vision. His early fascination with computers, programming, and graphic design eventually led him to delve into music production.

‘Fade’: Walker’s Ticket to Global Fame and Recognition

In 2014, Walker introduced “Fade” under the NCS banner. This song was a turning point in his career, propelling him from obscurity to international stardom. With its vibrant tunes, energetic beats, and a hint of melancholy that struck a chord with listeners around the world, “Fade” garnered over 400 million YouTube views, showcasing Walker’s unique style and skill.

The Role of NCS: A Catalyst for Emerging Artists

NCS played a crucial role in shaping Walker’s musical journey. Dedicated to offering royalty-free music, NCS empowers artists to connect with a global audience without facing copyright hurdles. This opened a path for Walker to share his melodious creations with millions of fans globally without any restrictions.

Alan Walker's music journey with NCS

‘Faded’: An Iconic Track that Captured Hearts Worldwide

In 2015, following “Fade”‘s success, Walker launched “Faded,” an enhanced version of his initial hit featuring Iselin Solheim’s mesmerizing vocals. This song rocketed Walker to unprecedented fame levels, topping charts in ten countries and amassing over 2.9 billion YouTube views.

NCS and Walker: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The association between Walker and NCS has been fruitful for both parties. While NCS offered a platform for Walker’s music to gain global exposure, Walker’s success also boosted NCS’s reputation in the music industry. His songs became a hallmark of the NCS brand, drawing more artists and listeners to the platform.

‘Spectre’: Another Testament to Walker’s Musical Prowess

Walker continued his triumphant run with NCS in 2015, releasing another hit track, “Spectre.” Reflecting Walker’s characteristic style of uplifting tunes blended with powerful beats, this track further solidified his status as a prominent figure in the electronic music industry.

The Legacy of Alan Walker: A Beacon for Future Generations

Walker’s journey with NCS has left an indelible mark on the music landscape. His success story serves as a beacon for aspiring artists globally, demonstrating that passion and talent can conquer any barriers. Even today, his songs continue to reign music charts, proving the timeless appeal of quality music.

Final Thoughts: The Unstoppable Duo of Alan Walker and NCS

From humble beginnings to international fame, Alan Walker’s music journey with NCS is a tribute to the power of music and the potential of digital platforms. His songs, characterized by their infectious energy and emotional melodies, have left an enduring legacy in electronic music. With NCS, Walker found not just a platform to showcase his talent but also a space to inspire future generations of artists.

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