5 Incredible Aspects of DMX’s Exodus Album: A Comprehensive Review

DMX’s Exodus Album Review: The Introduction

In a universe where melodies set the rhythm, the Exodus album by DMX represents a significant shift. This critique will explore the nuances of each song in the album, revealing the intricacies and the quintessence of DMX’s musical acumen.

Commemorating DMX’s Legacy

Known globally as DMX, Earl Simmons was an American rap artist, lyricist, and actor whose influence on the music sphere is undeniable. His album, Exodus, stands as evidence of his deep musical talent and lyrical mastery.

A Detailed Analysis of Exodus Songs

The 13-track Exodus album is a testament to DMX’s raw artistry and lyrical brilliance. The album boasts of guest appearances from music icons like Jay-Z, Nas, and Snoop Dogg.

  1. That’s My Dog: This number epitomizes DMX’s signature style. Its impactful lyrics and rhythmic beat provide a robust opening to the album.

  2. Bath Salts: Showcasing Jay-Z and Nas, this track is a fusion of classic hip-hop and contemporary rap. The synergy between the three rap legends is evident, making it one of the album’s highlights.

  3. Dog’s Out: In this number, DMX collaborates with Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz to create a song that is both dynamic and melodious.

  4. Money Money Money: This track reflects on society’s obsession with affluence. DMX’s insightful lyrics are enhanced by Moneybagg Yo’s verses.

  5. Hold Me Down: This song is a sincere request for support during tough times. Alicia Keys contributes her soulful vocals to this track, making it one of the album’s most touching songs.

  6. Skyscrapers: This number features Bono and exhibits DMX stretching his musical boundaries. It attests to his adaptability as an artist.

  7. Male Stick Up Skit: This intermission offers a short break amidst the powerful tracks, injecting an element of unpredictability into the album.

  8. Hood Blues: In this song, DMX teams up with Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, and Conway The Machine to deliver a potent commentary on life in urban neighborhoods.

  9. Take Control: This track showcases Snoop Dogg and unveils a gentler side of DMX. It’s a heartfelt song that delves into themes of love and relationships.

  10. Walking in the Rain: This introspective track features Nas, Exodus Simmons, and Mr. Porter. It’s a moving reflection on DMX’s trials and victories.

  11. Exodus Skit: This intermission allows for a moment of contemplation before the album’s final two songs.

  12. Letter To My Son (Call Your Father): This deeply personal song is a message from DMX to his son. It’s an emotional exploration of fatherhood and family ties.

  13. Prayer: The album culminates with a prayer, a suitable conclusion to an album that is as much a spiritual expedition as it is a musical one.

The Finale

Exodus is a testament to DMX’s musical genius and his ability to resonate with listeners on a profound, emotional level. Each track narrates a story, inviting the listener to accompany DMX on his journey through life’s peaks and valleys. This album is a worthy homage to a man who was not just an artist, but a legend.

DMX's Exodus album review

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